Daniel D. Portado sends “Cease and Desist” notice to SelfDeport.org: “I Invented Self-Deportation”

Patriots: We have just received a Cease and Desist notice from Radical right wing Mexican-American activist Daniel D. Portado, founder of HALTO (Hispanics Against Liberal Takeover), citing his exclusive copyright on the term Self-Deportation. “Daniel D. Portado invented Self Deportation in 1994,” he wrote, “when your hip accessories were wet diapers and a chupon!” We are not sure what a “chuppon” is (is it like a Clap-On/Clap-Off?), but Mr. D. Portado seems very serious indeed. Although his concept of Self Deportation applied, like Mitt Romney’s, to Hispanic immigrants only, he is outraged, saying: “Mojados take everything, but not Daniel’s wonderful ideas. SELF-DEPORTATION is mine! Now DEPORT YOURSELF!”

Luckily for us, that’s the idea.

Here’s an excerpt of a 1996 episode of This American Life that featured Mr. D. Portado:

Man:Hey, Pedro. Go back to Mexico, stop taking our jobs, and stop looking at my daughter!

Daniel D. Portado: Immigrants, are you tired of being pushed around in America? Well, don’t sit on your serape. Do something about it. Join the conservative political action group HALTO– Hispanics Against Liberal Takeover.
Announcer 1: HALTO was formed by Mexicali karaoke lounge sensation Daniel D. Portado as a way to spread California Governor Pete Wilson’s message of self-deportation to a national audience.
Daniel D. Portado: I am the chairman of HALTO, Daniel D. Portado. What is self-deportation, you ask? Think of it as a permanent vacation. Just imagine, in one easy step, you can avoid all this crazy anti-immigrant harassment in America. How? Self-deportation. Just imagine yourself on the beach, in Mazatlan, relaxed, tension-free. Immigrants, join HALTO today and see your homeland tomorrow.
Announcer 1: Self-deportation is a trademark of Hispanics Against Liberal Takeover. Subject agrees to voluntarily repatriate to native land or Mexico, whichever is nearest. All self-deportations are final. No exchanges or refunds. Tickets are one way only.
Here is an interview he gave recently: “Daniel D. Portado: The Original Self-Deportationist“, and Rachel Maddow mentions the case here.

5 Comments on “Daniel D. Portado sends “Cease and Desist” notice to SelfDeport.org: “I Invented Self-Deportation””

  1. Stan Krol says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    February 1, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    I Support this website and WILL BACK YOU IN ANY U.S Court or Mexican Court, But not Tribal Courts.(0 for 1 in Connecticut on that one)How can I help also… Watching your site for future campaign SUPER PAC FUNDS donators(Fund managers/using money from 1%ers) on any of the current issues including legal deportation and may branch out on my own. CIO admin & Domain owner of http://www.SelfDeportation.org and http://www.Self-Deportation.org . Mitt Romneys Cambridge, Ma. group owns the dot com. I support Mitt and endorse the GOP for 2012.

    Stanley(Stan)Krol Entreprenuer

  2. Stan Krol says:

    Mitt Romneys Father was born in Mexico.. His campaign owns Self Deportation .com

  3. Samm Dickens says:

    You know, we all immigrated here at some time back along our lineage. Sure, we call ourselves natural-born citizen’s, but I’m willing to concede some chance of error in that identification. I mean, Mitt Romney was born in Mexico, but is he Mexican? Not if he don’t pay up some of those Mexican back taxes he’s been holding onto. So maybe I could owe a tax or so to say Estonia, or maybe Scotland. Heck, I might even be willing to owe some taxes to Friesia or the Republic of Georgia. I’m sure my relatives came from those fine countries at one time or another. We only have to check the criminal archives to find a name similar to the one under which my family has chosen to conceal its identity. Help me with this. There must be some way to get outta this country before another Republican buys his way to the Presidency. Any ideas???

    Samm Dickens (aka Diekheins, Djekinzc, Dikanes, Tikansvili, MacDoucal, Jones, etc)

  4. John M Moros says:

    My grandparents came to America to escape the Russian revolution just after the turn of the century….(not the last one….)….two times ago…1900….am I eligible to self deport…..it seems like such a right and just thing to do…….count me in and let me know how to get on the list…. do I have to pay for a ticket?……what a tremendous Irear……..a prompt reply would be great….also ….are you on face book……( I don’t have to be Spanish to do it, do I????)…..my last mane spelled the russian way (moroz) is very spanish sounding….in Miami, I saw moroz rice….. you think I have a shot at this wonderful opportunity???…..Respectfully…John Moros….

  5. dustbunny44 says:

    Perhaps you guys can resolve this in a court of a foreign country – ?
    Please include your legal representatives when you self-deport en-mass to wherever you feel you need to be to effectively exercise your patriotic instincts.

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