Marco Rubio must self-deport!

“In 1962, an immigration court ordered Rubio’s grandfather, a Cuban refugee, deported, according to excerpts from a soon-to-be-released Rubio biographypublished by The Politico on Tuesday. Despite the court’s order, Rubio’s maternal grandfather, Pedro Victor Garcia, did not leave the country, according to the report.””

Marco Rubio is the direct descendant of an anchor baby! Stand by your Tea Party Non-Negotiable Values, Rubio! Self-Deport!


Mitt Romney: Self Deportation is the Answer!

Mitt Romney is using the term “self-deportation” as a solution to illegal immigration! I wonder if he would agree that ANYONE whose ancestors were here illegally, and who benefitted from anchor baby (grand)parents, like us, should self-deport.

It is becoming clear that Romney is a more serious candidate for us!

Where do you stand on this?