Jacob going back to Germany

Thanks Jacob for sending us your video. Your decision sounds very based on research, that’s great. Have you told your family yet? We hope you don’t change your mind — email us again if you experience feelings that deviate from your conviction. Join our support group!


2 Comments on “Jacob going back to Germany”

  1. Tell you something: I myself know quite a couple US citizens (perhaps with German ancestors) and a couple Germans who still have their European/German passport, who really came and still are coming back…

  2. My great grandparents on my father’s side were Germans who immigrated to the US from Russia back in the mid-to-late 19th century. I always figured it would be my Irish ancestors who snuck into this country illegally (sure, grandma *claimed* they were lace-curtain, but something tells me there was a whiff of shanty about them), but this shocking testimonial has made me determined to dig deeper into my family’s potentially sordid past. Maybe I’ll see you in the Fatherland soon…

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