ACTION ALERT: ALIPAC fights legislation to protect immigrants in CO, KS

ALIPAC contacted us this morning to encourage the Patriots for Self-Deportation to fight legislation that would support immigrants in Colorado and Kansas; they also asked us to call legislators in New Mexico last week. It’s clear that  many states are going to try to pass their own legislation before the Supreme Court rules on the legality of Arizona and Alabama’s new laws.

Will YOU take action?

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Friends of ALIPAC,

Not enough of you are checking our homepage at often enough so we are sending you this email to get you organized fast. State bills are springing up everywhere and very soon what passes and fails will set the trend for 2012!

Will the trend be on the side of American defenders like us or will we have to endure illegal alien invasion supporters winning battles in YOUR STATE and protecting their people by eventually giving them all that you have? If any of you reading this do not understand that or understand what is at stake here, you need to do some more research and studying.

Where ALIPACers go Americans win time and time again! Our 2012 federal candidate operations are being pushed back to send you this so PLEASE MOVE!


Step 1: Stop in-state tuition for illegal aliens in Colorado before it passes the finish line. ALIPAC has stopped in-state tuition in CO before, let’s do it again. Unfortunately, the Democrats in the CO Senate have passed this bill and they only need 1 Republican vote in the House to make in-state tuition for illegals the law of the land in Colorado!

Read and Understand and share this article that many of you have missed on our homepage

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants close to passage in Colorado!…do-senate-169/

Step 2: Craft your own version of ALIPAC’s strategic message and use the lawmaker contact list at the link we provide to call as many members of the CO House as possible as quickly as possible.

“I am calling/writing to ask you to oppose in-state tuition for illegal aliens since national polls show that 81% of Americans oppose such bills. In-state tuition for illegal aliens forces Colorado taxpayers to pay to replace their own kids in the limited seats in college with illegal immigrants. In-state tuition for illegals will only encourage more illegal immigration into CO and all of America. Please stand with the Americans who you were elected to serve and not with the illegal immigrant invasion supporters! We are working to organize in Colorado to inform voters which CO lawmakers support the invasion and which ones will stand with Americans on Election Day 2012!”

Colorado General Assembly

(Remember to use ALIPAC’s proven strategies of focusing on calls followed by written reinforcements and to personalize each message individually and avoid less effective bulk emails or non personalized communications)


WARNING: Some Illegal Immigration invasion supporters in the Kansas legislature are moving to pass a form of state level AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS joining Utah which is currently the only state to do so.

Stop Amnesty in Kansas by getting on the phones with ALIPAC supporters from every state.

Step 1: Read and understand and share this article.
AMNESTY WARNING: Debate starts in Kansas Legislature on illegal immigration

Step 2: Craft your own distinct version of ALIPAC’s strategic message.

“Dear ______: I am calling/writing today to ask you to oppose this state level Amnesty for illegal aliens in Kansas. Please oppose and stop the Amnesty House Bill 2712. A huge majority of your legal American constituents oppose this bill which is supported by fringe business and religious leaders looking to profit from the illegal alien invasion of America. Kansas voters are going to be shocked when they find out which Kansas lawmakers are supporting Amnesty and the illegal alien invasion of America on Election Day 2012. We will be working hard to inform them of which lawmakers support HB 2712. Please do the right thing and stand with your American constituents against Amnesty bill 2712.”

Kansas Lawmakers (Focus on House first)
Legislators | Kansas State Legislature

Please put in as much time as possible on these state campaigns. If you run out of things to do or you have failed to take action to stop licenses for illegal aliens in New Mexico then visit our past email alert to put in the work that must be done to stop and reverse the illegal immigration INVASION of America.

New Mexico effort…
National Battle Against Illegal Immigration Hinges on New Mexico Today: Take Action

We are also happy to see that those we helped in Arizona to pass SB 1070 are now defending and arguing before the Supreme Court for more bills like this which constitute DEFENSE FROM INVASION!

If the Supreme Court rules our way on this, we will get enforcement legislation up in many states, we just have to protect our bills early in the year.


Do you live in Colorado, New Mexico, or Kansas and are happy that ALIPAC activists from across America are converging on your state to help you fight illegal aliens and their supporters? Then please visit our SECURE online donations page to donate by credit card, Paypal, or mail today otherwise we may not be there to do this in the future.

You may unsubscribe anytime you like, but we encourage you not to walk away from the thousands of us fighting to defend American from this illegal immigrant invasion that will eventually have dire consequences for all Americans. We hope you will continue to receive our email alerts and to take action to support our efforts to stop and reverse illegal immigration.
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