Elin Self-Deports to Sweden

Thanks, Elin, for sending us your testimonial. Best of luck!

Mitt Romney: Self Deportation is the Answer!

Mitt Romney is using the term “self-deportation” as a solution to illegal immigration! I wonder if he would agree that ANYONE whose ancestors were here illegally, and who benefitted from anchor baby (grand)parents, like us, should self-deport.

It is becoming clear that Romney is a more serious candidate for us!

Where do you stand on this?

Press Release: selfdeport.org Helps Patriots Set Responsible Citizenship Example



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AUSTIN (January 24, 2012) The grassroots organization Patriots for Self-Deportation, formed last year in response to legislative inaction on the issue of birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants (also known as the “anchor baby” problem), announced today the launch of their website, SelfDeport.org. The group describes SelfDeport.org as a resource for patriotic Americans who wish to set an example of responsible citizenship by proving their own rights to remain in this great nation.

The group hopes the website and issue benefits from Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s endorsement of self-deportation as a solution to the problem of illegal immigration, according to spokesman Stephen Winters.

“A surprising number of authentic patriots have found in their own genealogical searches that one or more of their ancestors came here or stayed here illegally, and yet continued to make a living in this country and have children who in turn became instant citizens,” said Winters. “Some patriots, faced with this moral dilemma, have decided to set an example for others. Knowing that their own presence in this country is not on moral solid ground, they have decided to demonstrate the highest level of civic dedication and sacrifice, and engage in self-deportation.”

In order to address the surprisingly large number of such cases, Patriots for Self-Deportation launched SelfDeport.org to support, inform, and assist those undertaking or considering a similar move. At SelfDeport.org, patriots can answer for themselves the following questions:

  1. How can I know if ancestors of mine came here legally?
  2. If I suspect that an ancestor should never have received citizenship, am I morally obliged to do something about it?
  3. What support is available if I decide to self-deport?
  4. If several of my ancestors came over illegally, how do I decide which country of origin to return to?
  5. How do I go about self-deportation?

Patriots for Self-Deportation urges all patriotic Americans to visit SelfDeport.org for answers to these questions and more, and for testimonials by patriots who have chosen to live in accordance with their values. “We hope that this resource will help guide other patriots in carrying out this difficult but essential duty,” said Winters.

Would your Candidate get an A for Immigration?

Oppose Amnesty has an awesome grade book for anyone still on the fence about who to support in 2012… Romney opposes legalization, but he’s still weak on reducing immigration. Gringrich gets a D for his past support of illegals, but good grades for securing the border. Rick Santorum is the ONLY candidate who gets good grades across the board! To see for yourself, please check out the Oppose Amnesty gradebook.

Is Mitt Romney an Anchor Baby?

After Romney’s admission last week that his great-grandfather crossed the U.S./Mexico border illegally, we’re looking for him to become the first presidential candidate to self-deport. At the very least, we want more information about how Romney’s father entered the United States.

Ruben Navarette at CNN writes:

That changed this week when Romney — in talking about his father, a self-made man who worked his way up from nothing to become head of American Motors Corporation, governor of Michigan and a Republican presidential candidate in 1968 — told a crowd at the Rochester Opera House in New Hampshire that his father was born in Mexico and came to the United States at 5.

Romney’s great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, fled the United States and crossed into Mexico in 1885 to escape religious persecution. He helped build the Mormon enclave of Colonia Juarez in Chihuahua.

Miles Park Romney never became a Mexican citizen, and neither did his son, Gaskell, or grandson, George. They were all denied Mexican citizenship because statutes on the books in Mexico denied that right to American settlers and their offspring.

We’ve be contacting Romney’s campaign, but they refuse to comment. More information to come.

*Update: He was an American citizen, so technically Romney is not an anchor baby. But he may be the first Hispanic president, as we’ve seen in the news lately. We will need to ponder the significance of this. How do you feel about it?

Watching South Carolina

Many Patriots for Self-Deportation have been debating who to support in the 2012 Elections. No candidates have pledged to repeal the 14th Amendment, which grants citizenship to anchor babies, but some have more responsible stances.

Romney is trying to come down harder on illegal immigration, but we’re not convinced. More information here.  At least he takes a stronger stance than Gingrich, who said at last night’s contentious debate, “Try to go into Miami with the battle cry, ‘everybody must go.’ … That is clearly going to come across in the immigrant community as a sign you have no sense of humanity for people.” Well, Gingrich, that’s exactly what we’re saying!

Who are you supporting? And for our members in South Carolina– what are you seeing as you gear up for the primary this week?

Obama’s Bad Policies Support Illegal Immigration

ALIPAC reports that Obamas administration trying to allow amnesty for people who claim that their being deported will be a hardship for their children. This allows illegal aliens to continue living in the US even while they are undergoing deportation proceedings.

Jim Forsyth writes:

U.S. Rep Lamar Smith (R-San Antonio), who heads the powerful House Judiciary Committee, says this is simply a way to provide amnesty to ‘select’ illegal immigrants.

And it also doesn’t appear to be too difficult to convince immigration officials that your deportation would be a hardship. Of the 2300 hardship waiver applications received last year, more than 70% were approved.

This is clearly an attempt by the Obama administration to win Hispanic votes and avoid implementing real immigration reform before the elections.