Liberal media calls us “crazy”

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TUE JAN 24, 2012 AT 01:42 PM PST

SELF-DEPORTATION: Yes, It’s a real thing

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I like to think myself familiar with the wacko fringes of right wing politics – but this was jarring.  The group is Patriot’s for Self-Deportation.  They’ve been around since last year, according to David Wiegel.  Web site is  Crazy, crazy stuff.  It took me a while to figure out what exactly ‘self-deportation’ was.  Is it, like, illegals deporting themselves? why would they do this, exactly?

Turns out it’s not really about bad illegals (brown people) deporting themselves.  It’s about ‘patriots’ (white people) deporting themselves.  Does that make it clear? Didn’t think so.

So the idea seems to be, that a true ‘patriot’ would investigate their background and trace their relatives back to validate that their ancestors immigrated legally.  If it turns out that you can find a grandparent, great grandparent, great-great grandparent, ect., who didn’t get their papers right – that makes you an illegal. Because your ancestors weren’t naturalized, your citizenship status is based on birth-right citizenship, which makes you an illegal alien. Well, not really, but in Patriot’s for Self-Deportation’s opinion, it makes you an illegal.

An aside: they seem to be confused about the term ‘illegal.’ They acknowledge that the 14th Amendment legitimizes birth-right citizenship but they think its wrong and we should repeal it and do away with birth-right citizenship.  Thus, anyone whose citizenship is currently based on their birth on American soil is an illegal alien.  Understand? Me neither.

So what’s an ‘patriotic’ illegal alien to do? Well, simple really.  That’s where self-deportation comes in !!! What you do is go back to whatever country your ancestors came from and apply for your citizenship again (even though you already are a citizen).  Get it! You’re deporting yourself.

Now, what this will accomplish, above and beyond legitimizing your own citizenship, is to “…set the example of responsible citizenship by proving their own rights to be here …”  And that’s just the beginning.  This will inevitably lead to the repeal of the 14th amendment!  And spanish speakers will go away!

I really recommend reading the section entitled, “HOW TO SELF DEPORT” My favorite piece of advice:

6: Learn some of the language of the country that you are moving to- this will make it much easier to communicate with other citizen. But also remember that English is almost a universal language, if you move to a city around the world you will probably be fine!

They also have some stories of ‘real’ people.  I can’t believe they’re actually real, I just can’t. It includes the story of a woman, an infant refugee from WWII Germany, whose family has rejected her upon her recent discovery that she was never naturalized.

Or Claire G., who found out her great grandparents were ‘illegals:’

I am dismeyed about this, and honest to God I am crying as I write this, because I can’t believe my OWN FAMILY, who is so anti-illegals they even took me to protests downtown a few years ago, to yell at the illegal Mexicans who had no right to be in this country, carrying their Mexican flags and chanting in Spanish for their freedoms, and whatnot — they took me to this, with a sign made of a pizza box that sayd NO CITIZENSHIP FOR ANCHOR BABIES! And these very people, my own mother’s family, turns out to be the descendent of ILLEGALS?? I swear you guys, I am crying so hard right now …

Yep. The way to resolve the hypocrisy of white descendants of immigrants complaining about non-white immigration is to self-deport the white people.

Is it really a bad thing that these people are leaving the country?

And here’s another liberal media article forwarded by T. Prickett. They don’t know what country they live in!

Americans for Patriotic Self-Deportation


| Posted Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012, at 1:39 PM ET

 TAMPA, Fla. — By a landslide, this is my favorite media announcement of the day.

The grassroots organization Patriots for Self-Deportation, formed last year in response to legislative inaction on the issue of birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants (also known as the “anchor baby” problem), announced today the launch of their website, The group describes as a resource for patriotic Americans who wish to set an example of responsible citizenship by proving their own rights to remain in this great nation.

The group hopes the website and issue benefits from Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s endorsement of self-deportation as a solution to the problem of illegal immigration, according to spokesman Stephen Winters.

According to WhoIs, SelfDeport/Winters actually registered the domain in October. If it’s a stunt — and it may be! — it’s a long-planned one, not some new Yes Men-ery. I was fascinated enough by the news (or “news”) to call the organization, which has, it turns out, two spokespeople.

“We were very surprised that Mitt Romney used our language,” said one of the spox, Jennifer Ricci. “We’ve reached out to his campaign and he hasn’t responded to our requests.” Hearing a GOP frontrunner (or quasi-frontrunner) endorse your idea sounds great, but SelfDeport quickly discovered a downside.

“He seems to think that the only people who might want to self-deport would be people who can’t find work in America,” said Ricci, “but we believe that self-deportation can work for anyone.”


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