Would your Candidate get an A for Immigration?

Oppose Amnesty has an awesome grade book for anyone still on the fence about who to support in 2012… Romney opposes legalization, but he’s still weak on reducing immigration. Gringrich gets a D for his past support of illegals, but good grades for securing the border. Rick Santorum is the ONLY candidate who gets good grades across the board! To see for yourself, please check out the Oppose Amnesty gradebook.


4 Comments on “Would your Candidate get an A for Immigration?”

  1. Fishy Sauce says:

    Gingrich is an orphan… how can we really trust any of his birth records?!!

  2. Ynori says:

    I’m disappointed in this article. I was hoping to read about the immigration status of all of the candidates — are they descendants of illegals or not?

  3. Mike says:

    Well at least we all know that our closet muslim president is at the very least a purchaser of forged birth documents and the descendent of an illegal who came to this great country for “education”.

  4. “Newt Gingrich” is an alias. His real name is Newton Leroy McPherson. What is he trying to hide?

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