Is Mitt Romney an Anchor Baby?

After Romney’s admission last week that his great-grandfather crossed the U.S./Mexico border illegally, we’re looking for him to become the first presidential candidate to self-deport. At the very least, we want more information about how Romney’s father entered the United States.

Ruben Navarette at CNN writes:

That changed this week when Romney — in talking about his father, a self-made man who worked his way up from nothing to become head of American Motors Corporation, governor of Michigan and a Republican presidential candidate in 1968 — told a crowd at the Rochester Opera House in New Hampshire that his father was born in Mexico and came to the United States at 5.

Romney’s great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, fled the United States and crossed into Mexico in 1885 to escape religious persecution. He helped build the Mormon enclave of Colonia Juarez in Chihuahua.

Miles Park Romney never became a Mexican citizen, and neither did his son, Gaskell, or grandson, George. They were all denied Mexican citizenship because statutes on the books in Mexico denied that right to American settlers and their offspring.

We’ve be contacting Romney’s campaign, but they refuse to comment. More information to come.

*Update: He was an American citizen, so technically Romney is not an anchor baby. But he may be the first Hispanic president, as we’ve seen in the news lately. We will need to ponder the significance of this. How do you feel about it?


5 Comments on “Is Mitt Romney an Anchor Baby?”

  1. hollywied says:


  2. Wit's End says:

    “Romney’s great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, fled the United States and crossed into Mexico in 1885 to escape religious persecution…”

    Religious persecution? Is that what they call it when you’re told you can’t have five wives?

  3. upyernoz says:

    the u.s.-mexican border was open in 1885. anyone (other than chinese laborers) could pass freely and legally between the two countries. the only immigration restriction at that time was the chinese exclusion act the entire concept of an illegal immigrant didn’t exist in the u.s. 1875 (and the page act of 1875 only applied to chinese people and anyone who was a convict in their home country).

    all immigration from mexico was legal until the immigration and naturalization act of 1965.

  4. Brenda says:

    He is NOT Hispanic because of blood but because his relations fled legal prosecution!! They are criminals!

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