Devastated, but taking action in 2012

We post your testimonies when you send them to us, and we’ll add them to the yourStories page too. Email This one is from a new Repatriot, Claire G.

Dear Self Deport Movement:

My name is Claire G., and I grew up in Brooklyn, New York City. I just turned 20 years old on 11.11.11. I am writing because I recently discovered, through casual conversation with my grandma Colleen (mom’s mom), that her mother, Viola Power, came to the United States when she was an adult, and she and her husband never received her naturalization papers. They just came here from Ireland on a boat, got married, started their family, and all their kids were US Citizens just because they were born here. Grandma Colleen included. Even though their parents were illegals! I am dismeyed about this, and honest to God I am crying as I write this, because I can’t believe my OWN FAMILY, who is so anti-illegals they even took me to protests downtown a few years ago, to yell at the illegal Mexicans who had no right to be in this country, carrying their Mexican flags and chanting in Spanish for their freedoms, and whatnot — they took me to this, with a sign made of a pizza box that sayd NO CITIZENSHIP FOR ANCHOR BABIES! And these very people, my own mother’s family, turns out to be the descendent of ILLEGALS?? I swear you guys, I am crying so hard right now because I strongly believe in this country, I love the US of A with all my heart, and being from a Republican family in NYC is not easy, because we are surrounded by liberal socialists who want to just give away our country for free to freeloaders — I DO believe anchor babies have no right to AMERICAN Citizenship! So what does that mean for ME?!? My own grandma Colleen is an anchor baby! I have been in dispair cuz I didnt know what to do. But now when I found out about your movement through Twitter, I swear to God you guys have given me DIRECTION ON WHAT I CAN DO: when I turn 21 next year, I WILL SELF DEPORT MYSELF TO IRELAND. I am not kidding, my parents think I am crazy, they even threw my birth certificate in my face last night saying you are American Claire!, and I said fine but I shouldnt be! Self deproting is THE ONLY RIGHT THING TO DO. As you guys say, ending illegal citizenship starts with ME, right? Put my actions where my mouth is! My mom should do the same thing! Unless they can give me PROOF that my great-grandparents were here LEGALLY, I swere to God Almighty I am leaving. IF YOU HAVE NO PROOF, REPATRIATE!! Let’s do this, you guys. Let’s do what’s right! We can come back LATER, LEGALLY, LEGALLY, LEGALLY. Like our ancestors should have. Thank you Self Deport, honestly, for solving my mental and moral problem I was having. Someday I will return legally to the USA. But for now, I am planning to return back home where where I belong. I have no right to be in this great land in the first place. Thank you.

A new RePatriot,
Claire G.


4 Comments on “Devastated, but taking action in 2012”

  1. Carl MIller says:

    You are correct ANCHOR BABIES have no right to be American Citizenships. You have a great story and you are doing the right thing by self deporting. It is what all TRUE patriots should do if they find out that their ancestors came to the U.S.A illegally. I myself just found out about this movement and have been inspired to share this and become part of it. Good luck on your journey back home!

    -Carl Miller

  2. hollywied says:

    I got forwarded this website — I am definitely going to look into my ancestry as you suggest. Change the 14th Amendment NOW! #illegals #anchorbabies

  3. upyernoz says:

    Claire G.,

    the u.s. had open borders for its first 100 years. there were no legal exclusions to settling in america until 1875, and at first the legal barriers only applied to chinese people. the immigration act of 1903 extended the exclusion to “anarchists, epileptics, beggars, and importers of prostitutes.” but any irish person who was not any of those things could still come and settle in the u.s. legally without any regulation. the immigration act of 1917, excluded “homosexuals”, “idiots”, “feeble-minded persons”, “criminals”, “epileptics”, “insane persons”, “alcoholics”, “professional beggars”, all persons “mentally or physically defective”, “polygamists”, and “anarchists”. it also prohibited immigration from a large portion of asia. but again, so long as your irish ancestor was not an idiot, criminal, etc., she could come to the u.s. legally.

    the first immigration quota (that is, a restriction that wasn’t just limited to asia, but rather applied to people coming from anywhere in the world) was not passed until 1921. it capped annual immigration from any given country at 3% of the number of people who said they were from that country in the 1910 census. this was the first time in american history that non-asian nationalities could be illegal simply because of where they came from.

    in other words, as long as your irish ancestor arrived before 1921, she was almost certainly legal. which means there’s no reason for you to self-deport. i’m afraid that quite a lot of people reading this site are ignorant of the fact that immigration restrictions are a recent thing in the u.s. and so they will think they are descendant from illegals when in fact they are not.

  4. ClaireG says:

    Thanks, upyernoz— I am pretty sure they came after 1921 😦
    And yeah, I know, people think we are talking about citizenship “since the beginning of time”, but we’re actually talking more recently. Thanks for your comment! CG

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