Back to the USSR? I’m stuck, help.

My name is Natasha Rostoff. I am here to declare my will of self-deportation, as my humble respect to the law of this country, that I love with all of my heart as my real fatherland.
I am here also to ask for legal and psychological support in this deed of patriotism and true respect to our democracy, which is the only just rule on the earth.
I need your support against alien forces and evil regimes, that in the past had been acting against our democracy and in the present they still continue to consolidate their dark powers against us.

I believe that the laws of the US are to be respected and followed strictly in order to keep democracy alive. I believe only true Americans should live at this land to keep it clean and free. As for my deep regret I am not a real American. To keep the land clean I must be deported to the country where I was born which is the Soviet Union, republic of Estonia and my rights are restricted as a person from Russian ethnic origin.

Unfortunately I have realized there is no legal way of deporting me to the Soviet Union, because it doesn’t exist any more. Estonia doesn’t consider me its citizen, because this country didn’t exist at the time I was born. Estonia came into existence only after I came to the US.

I am catched by these circumstances and I thereforen not being able to follow the laws that I repsect. The communists are to blame for this situation. They had created this country Soviet Union, where people from different ethnicities had to live together. Now we see the cosequences of this undemocratic regime – if there was not Soviet Union I would have been born in a country that sustains itself within its borders and represents one pure ethnicity, and my deportantion from the US would have been much easier.

I would like to ask you, people representatives of the only true democracy, to help me with connections with human rights organizations and international authorities like UN to make Estonia allow me to deport myself into the country and thus respect the only democratic laws which are the laws of the Unites States of America.


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